Start of a new chapter!

It’s the start of a new year and a new month. Do you often feel like something is dragging you down. Or do you feel not so sure about your self and the people around you. Do you often feel that you aren’t still the person you have hoped and longed to be?

Its kind of intriguing really.

This year made me shiver and excited at the same time for what lies ahead.

We have sooooooo many plans for each new year, right!

How about you? What are your new year rituals and beliefs?

What is that center that drives you to wake up eager and passionately each day?

Well, as for me I’m going to find out that yet.

As I write this I am also preparing for my duties and work routines.

How do you escape from the mundane?

Today I decided to challenge myself. Each time I wake up I will be looking forward to the morning greetings of my friends and loved ones. To greet each other simply and with a warm heart.

Today I decided to give love to others. To shift my focus from myself to others. Somebody said that we live not for ourselves but for others. Yes,we came here in the world alone as we are given life from our mothers sacrifices. Yes! We came solo. But I still believe that our presence, our existence is for a greater purpose. And that is to serve others and not just ourselves.

I am currently working in the hospital. And for nine years that I have been working my ass out, waking up disturbed by the alarm clock, like every single day. Sometimes you just will not see it coming that you are already in the bridge of burning out.

This reminds me of one wise author who said that burning out isn’t a result of physical exhaustion. Burning out is said to be a result from experiencing lack of love.

What am I trying to say here is that today I have realized what my real purpose is. What is my duty? What really drives me?

I realized all this time that my life evolved from my patients. As I work in the hospital I have come to realize that what really makes us live are the things that made us truly selfless..And that is the irony of life. The irony of our thoughts and dreams.

When we dream how many percent of that is about ourselves? How many percent of that is for others? I will think about this when I examine and rewrite my dreams.

For now, I am going to feel more love. I’m going to give love no matter what the circumstances. No matter what the odds or other people think. Let us think of others each day.

What is your path?

And what is your purpose? And what is the different between the two?

Can our paths become successful and our purpose too?

Is our path always our purpose?

Is our purpose always our path?

See the difference.

Much Love and Love yourself,


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