Before hitting pillows.

Saying a sweet prayer before hitting pillows.

Lord I thank you for this day.
Thank you for loving me as I am.
Thank you for your love that surpasses everything.. even troubles, misfortunes, doubts and weakness…
Thank you for bearing with me today Lord.

I surrender to you my hopes and dreams, my ambitions, the plans that I have yet to fulfill.
Thank you for giving rest to my tired soul and physical body Lord.

Thank you for the sunset today Lord, for the lovely moon and the twinkling night stars.
Knowing that tomorrow will become a better day.
Bless me tonight and my loved ones and restore us tonight with a sound and powerful sleep.
Greet us tomorrow with songs of joy and enthusiasm..together with the beautiful sunrise and a pleasant surprise…

That part of the day when you feel a sense of being restored.

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