Loving Yourself


Living is not enough. You need a little sunshine, good food, rest and lots of love and good things.

Dear beautiful and awesome friend,

On Loving yourself:

Why am I writing about this stuff?
On what position am I credible to write?
Well, I am writing about this very critical and global topic because first and foremost I am a Nutritionist-Dietitian. Second, I care for you. And by taking care of yourself means you are also taking good care of the people around you especially your loved ones. And thirdly, because I truly believe that it is the most important decision that you could ever make in your lifetime.

Loving oneself entails first a decision, then a sense of committment, and a courage to pursue with your set goals. It’s not as easy as “one, two, three” but it’s definitely worth spending your time and effort with.

To love oneself is to spend your time doing the things that you love and care about. Pursuing your passions and dreams in life; taking care of your health by doing regular physical activities, having enough sleep or rest, eating a balanced diet and loving your God (or whatever faith you believe in).

To love oneself is to allow ourselves to continuously grow in all aspects of life. To be emotionally aware of oneself and others, socially, physically, intellectually and spiritualy. Because all we ever had is ourselves. And its the closest thing we could do. It’s the gift that you will give not just to yourself but also to your family and loved ones.
Because we cannot give what we do not have, we can only take better care of othersĀ  If we are able to take care of ourselves so well.
I am dietitian working in the hospital for more than half a score already. I have witnessed and interviewed many patients including their families. I am witness to many broken hearts of witnessing their loved one die or struggle from a critical illness or a difficult disease. I have been with the families of hopeful uncertainties.

We are all connected and so If one person or family member suffers, the whole group or family is also affected (financially, physically and emotionally). That’s why we have to better take care of ourselves. Health equals wealth. We have what we call degenerative diseases. These are diseases that increase in frequency due to lifestyle and worldwide industrialization. Our foods are processed using preservatives and technological advancements that the natural nutrients of these foods are alteted.
But one thing I have learned and understood is that all of those diseases and health challenges could have been prevented if only a better lifestyle was lived beforehand. Prevention is always better than cure.

So this is my gift to you my friend – my writing and my knowledge and abilities from what I have gained working for about half a score in the hospital setting ang health care practice. As a Nutritionist-Dietitian, It is my passion and sincerity to share with the best of my ability all that I have learned and acquired in my profession.
I wish you not just a long but also a very good and colorful life – well spent with your family and loved ones. So bear with me as we journey through this beautiful and challenging life.

Sincerely Yours,
Czarinah Callejo, Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian/Health Advocate

Before hitting pillows.

Saying a sweet prayer before hitting pillows.

Lord I thank you for this day.
Thank you for loving me as I am.
Thank you for your love that surpasses everything.. even troubles, misfortunes, doubts and weakness…
Thank you for bearing with me today Lord.

I surrender to you my hopes and dreams, my ambitions, the plans that I have yet to fulfill.
Thank you for giving rest to my tired soul and physical body Lord.

Thank you for the sunset today Lord, for the lovely moon and the twinkling night stars.
Knowing that tomorrow will become a better day.
Bless me tonight and my loved ones and restore us tonight with a sound and powerful sleep.
Greet us tomorrow with songs of joy and enthusiasm..together with the beautiful sunrise and a pleasant surprise…


That part of the day when you feel a sense of being restored.